Ok, I'm a 29 year old gamer with a 4 year old son. I just got season 3 of the original cartoon, which he loves, and I was hoping this would be a great father and son game. It is kind of fun. I'm being nice though. There really is a noticeable failure in co-op, things that are expected to work don't. I get lost fairly easily and playing with my son makes it that much harder. I'm very disappointed because of how frustrating it is to play with him, and he is pretty good at castle crashers. If they could just patch it and fix the bugs it would be fun for nostalgia, but they need a mini map or way point system. These kind of exploration tools have been around too long not to implement. I really hope this game gets the support that gamers deserve. The ideas were good, but the lack of execution is inexcusable. Playing alone isn't that bad, but I expected much more. I'm praying I'll see a prompt to update it soon.