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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze

Wayforward’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Sounds Like Shelltroidvania

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a had a spotty video game history, but Activision and Wayforward are giving it another go this fall. Danger of the Ooze takes place between seasons two and three of the currently running cartoon take on the shellbacks.

Activision says the game is non-linear, and players will be able to swap among all four turtles on the fly (no, not Baxter Stockman). As you collect new gear and powers, you’ll be able to access new parts of New York and Dimension X.

The game will be out this fall for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and 3DS.

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  • Sounds interesting.

  • *fingers crossed for electric seaweed*
  • Anything with "troid-vania" is bound to be awesome. Looking forward to more info on this.

  • "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a had a spotty video game history" the first two TMNT games that ever came out were good. TMNT on the NES and the great TMNT Arcade game, if you played it at an arcade. it wasn't the same on the home console.
  • If it's good I will play it. But if it's just a nostalgia driven tripe then I am gonna cook me some turtle stew.

  • I wish Bethmoth would make a TMNT game inspired by Castle Crashers. The thought of how awesome that game would be almost blows my mind.

  • I hope it is two player.

  • Wayforward has a good track record with these kind of things. However teaming them up with Activision who knows if they'll give them the chance to do that.

  • The powers that be at Nick would be well advised to make sure this game has a AAA polish on it because the "games" that have been created since this new iteration of TMNT started (the show is fabulous) have been, to be kind, awful.

    Tight controls, smooth, high quality animation and perfect sound work, WITHOUT BUGS, will make this very very popular and give it a shelf life. Absent this kind of effort TMNT Arcade from the 80s still shows up modern efforts.

    There is just a bottom line on quality that should be enforced.

  • Do it right and it could get close to Turtles In Time! Hopes!

  • I enjoyed DuckTales Remastered. I hope this game is good... Activision's TMNT games didn't turn out very good last year.

  • In Wayforward we hope. Fans are long overdue for a quality TMNT game. Ever since Batman: Arkham City, I've wanted an open-world Turtles game which could be played in both single player mode, where the player can switch between all four turtles, or 2-4 player online and local multiplayer mode. Missions. All the bad guys. All the vehicles. All the locations. Epic boss fights. What a great dream! This game is nothing like that, but as long as it's quality I'll pick it up.
  • They should remake the original NES game. Good luck beating the underwater level. Now with improved graphics.

  • It's Wayforward. If anyone can make good children-aimed licensed games, it's Wayforward.

  • This actually sounds pretty cool, thanks for the Game Informin!

  • TIme to get SHELLSHOCKED!!!

  • Metroidvaia TMNT?, why didn't we think of this before?!