Tecmo reinvents a cult classic and pulls it off as good as anyone could have asked. The only downfalls i have found is the lack of NFL lisence (thanks EA) the names may not be there but the numbers are, ie julious arnald for the KC Chiefs number is 58 just like derick thomas so if your in the know you know who you are playing with. and with the online miltiplayer they need to have the side of the field you play on be random, as it is if you want a quick match you have to play from right to left which can be difficult for the toughest of tecmo vets. The 3D revamp is well done giving it a modern feel without loosing the old school touch. The stats are all there, although i would have liked a more indepth leaderboard, maybe some win loss records for online play. All and all its a fun game and being a gamer that owns tecmo super bowl on the nesi love what they have done with it but i cant speak for the new comer to the tecmo world.