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Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord

Command Your Allies Against The Divine Empire This Fall

On top of the numerous Persona titles Atlus has planned for this year and next, the publisher also has some other surprise projects for RPG fans, too. Today, Atlus announced it'll localize Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord for a North American release October 14.

In Tears to Tiara II, originally released in Japan under Aquaplus, players assume the role of Hamilcar Barca, a boy who awakens a demonic power within himself to lead an uprising against the despotic Divine Empire. And although American audiences have not experienced the first entry in the series, Atlus says the visual novel-style storytelling will bring players up to speed in between the tactical role playing combat segments.

Heir of the Overlord introduces the elephant unit, which players can use to attack enemies, mount or store units in its carriage. Finding the balance between offensive and defensive positioning on the game grid with this unit will be key to completing the lengthy adventure.

For now, Atlus has released the game's opening cinematic to hold us over. The anime clip reveals heroes and villains wielding a variety of weapons and magics, as well as one character riding the elephant unit into battle, flinging foes with its powerful trunk.

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord launches October 14 exclusively for PlayStation 3. For more, view the image gallery below and read about another PS3-exclusive JRPG coming out this fall, Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

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  • This is why I love Atlus.

  • I can dig it. But I won't bury it.

  • I bow in reverence to Atlus.

  • Yay,more PS3 exclusive JRPGs...well I still have Lost Odyssey

  • So Hannibal's father is the star of a JRPG in which he has elephants? so who wants to bet the evil Divine Empire is a bunch of Romans?


  • Looks promising I always love a good strategy game. If it reviews well I will probably get it but seriously another October release.
  • The anime was pretty good too.

  • Never heard of it, but now I cannot wait.

  • I buy every game Atlus puts out, even if I have no interest in them. I do that so they can bring the stuff I AM interested in (such as Strat. RPGs like this, and games like Dragon's Crown) over to the US so I can play them, in English, without having to import. Honestly I don't see anyone else doing it, maybe NIS but it's a toss-up there. Atlus Faithful for as long as they keep doing what they do best.

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  • I want this. Love me some SRPGs

  • YES more great reasons to keep my PS3 before heading over to PS4 for Kingdom Hearts III.

  • I love you Atlus. By why isn't it coming to my Vita? :*(

    Oh well, I'll take it.

  • Nice, I heard about this game but previously just stopped watching it, on the assumption it would never get localized. Now I've another to look forward to this October.

  • Very unexpected considering the original was... adult oriented.