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Refolded Into A Bigger, Better Package On PS4

Tearaway is one of the Vita’s standout titles, but many gamers probably didn’t play Media Molecule’s platformer on Sony’s handheld. Thankfully, the papercraft platformer is headed to the PS4, and it looks to be the definitive edition of the game.

Instead of just porting Tearaway to the PS4, Media Molecule wanted to make proper use of the PS4’s unique hardware and controller. So you won’t see fingers poping through the floor after touching the back touchpad, because the PS4 controller doesn’t have a back touchpad. Instead you can fling objects into the world and blow gusts of wing through the environment via the PS4 controller top touchpad.

This means that much of Tearaway has been changed and players of the original might not recognize the game in certain places. For example, during our demo, we were dropped into one of the titles opening levels: Maple Fields. This area is about 50 percent larger than it was on the Vita, and the draw distance is much larger than the handheld version. Media Molecule says they’re continuing to add new areas and secrets to the game.

One of the game’s new mechanics is the ability to have you Envelope messenger throw objects out to your controller. When the messenger does this the screen takes on a slightly fuzzier classic TV scan line effect. This is to help accentuate the difference between Tearaway’s world and the real world – in hopes of making Tearaway feel like a different reality that lives in the TV.

Once players have objects inside their controller, they’ll be able to shake the controller and hear them rattleing around. Players can then use the touchpad to fling them back into the world. Given the extra speed of these objects, you’ll now be able to knock holes into certain parts of the environment, and we saw them used during certain puzzles to hit trigger that sent our messenger catapulting into the air. Another sequence had our controller taken over buy a squirrel who owned an unlimited number of nuts that we were able to continually fling at the screen and knock over targets to redirect our messenger as she rolled down a series of pipes.

The new wind mechanic came in very handing while fighting scraps, as we could now wait until they jumping into the air and then unleash a gust of wind and send them flying off into space. During certain parts of the game, our messenger will also be able to take flight on a paper airplane and these gusts of wind will be helpful when controlling your airplane and giving it an extra boost into the sky.

The final new mechanic that Media Molecule showed us was the light mechanic. In extremely dark environments, the light bar from the PS4 controller will shine into Tearaways world and help illuminate your messengers true path. This light bar also came in handy while solving puzzles and allowed us to grow plants and light candles on fire.

In several ways, Media Molecule has extended the platforming challenge of Tearaway – adding new platforming sequences to a game that was already pretty great. In many ways, Tearaway feels like a brand new game, so even players who have already tackled the Vita version might find that Unfolded feels like a completely new experience.

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  • Vita-less PS4 owners owe it to themselves to buy this when it comes out. Tearaway was so charming.

  • Im glad to hear that it will feel like a new game. I plan on purchasing the game next year.

  • I still want to know how they're handling the lack of a camera. The camera functionality pretty much made the plot of the game. The player was literally the sun, and the ending revolved around using the camera throughout the game. Without that, it would seem like a new game to me.
  • This news makes me so happy.

  • Really fun vita game.

    Hopefully the new additions are splendid because seeing your face rise above the horizon was awesome.

  • Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Excited!

  • Thank god i no longer have to buy a vita. All my dreams are comming true

  • Hmm. When I saw this article on IGN, everyone was complaining about it not being aVita exclusive. I thought it would be the same here, but it's not. I'm excited, but I do agree that there are less Vita games now.

  • I was hoping this would happen eventually and it'll sure be a day-one buy. On the other hand, it's a pity beacuse it also means one less exclusive for the Vita. The future looks bleak for that handheld. But more people playing a great game is surely more positive than negative!

  • I sometimes see people complaining that the Vita lost an exclusive, but this is an amazing game and I'm glad people get a chance to experience it.

    On another note... How do you support the Vita, really? No one wants to buy it without games and even when they make games they don't get their money back, because the user base is still so small.

    I hope Borderlands 2 help them out a lot and I hope the PS4 compatibility helps to. I'm sure when PS Now releases on it, it will be amazing!

    I own a Vita, the original OLED type. It is an amazing handheld and really deserves way more credit than it is given. It does so much that isn't even accounted for. The cross buy, cross save, and cross play are amazing. The feeling of playing a game on my PS3 and the continuing on my Vita is just epic.

    I honestly have no idea what Sony could do to get people to buy a Vita other than put freaken Pokemon on it. lol

  • This is like putting another coffin nail on the Vita. Although I don't fault the creators wanting to expand their game to a larger audience... I really wish Sony would get some people to dedicated to the Vita machine and create some originals. This should be a reminder for Sony and every other fan. Being a more powerful hardware doesn't really do much without the software. PS3 learnt that with 360 and now is Vita and the WII U.
  • I might just have to buy this again for PS4. The original game was fantastic and unique, and I can't think of a better handheld game to deserve a console port. I bet it will make the already beautiful papercraft world and make it absolutely stunning. The only thing I'm worried about is the lack of a camera, it was basically the center of the plot, with there being the players face in the sun and all. Maybe it will have PlayStation camera support and I'll buy one of those.

  • Mod

    YES! I am so going to get this! I've wanted to play it since it was announced.

  • Everyone who is a PS4 owner but not a Vita owner is so happy about this... but they haven't realized that you're likely going to need (or at least really want in order to properly experience it) the camera to play it.

  • Loved every second of Tearaway, can't wait to get it on the big screen. Media Molecule is on fire =]

  • And the Vita lost an exclusive. gg sony.

  • Such a unique game. Glad that it's coming to the PS4. I might have to check this one out.