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Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Ultimate All Stars Character Guide.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

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Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Ultimate All Stars Character Guide.



This is a guide for people who do not know which characters to play as in TVC.

I will list my opinion on the characters speed,power,skill level,energy usage,and overall goodness.

Remember this is an opinion and is not the definitive list of best characters.

LEVEL 1 Characters(Worst level)




skill level:8.5

energy usage:7

Good partners:Ryu,Zero

overall goodness:1.5

Doronjo is a character that has few good characteristics and should only be used after practicing alot.The best thing about this character is her hyper combos.The best move consists of her henchmen coming out pressing a button and a giant ball falling from the sky(it is very hard to avoid.)

MegaMan Vollnut



skill level:7

Energy usage:8

good partners:Karas,Kaijin no soki,Casshan

overall goodness:3

Megaman is a powerful but slow character who needs a good partner to play well.His main downfall is he has no special moves you can only switch his weapon which can be a burden.His best feature is you can use his megabuster from a distance almost infinitely.




skill level:6

Good partners:Batsu,Ryu,Saki

energy usage:10

Morrigan is a character that has many good characteristics such as her speed.However she is very weak and uses a lot of energy.

Gold Lightan



Skill level:1

Energy usage:1

Gold lightan is a very easy character to play as who has an advantage over most characters.How ever he is at a drastic disadvantage when it comes to fighting characters with anti air moves like Tekaman blade and Casshan.

LEVEL 2 characters(Average)




skill level:6.5

Good partners:Tekkaman Blade,Zero,Viewtifull Joe

Energy usage:6

Tekkaman is a very popular character when teamed up with Tekkaman Blade.They are a popular team because Tekkamans slow power play style contrasts well with blades fast hit and run style.His hyper combos aren't the greatest in the game and most leave him vulnerable if they miss so use them sparingly.