Namco Bandai freely admits that Tank! Tank! Tank! is a casual game, but that didn’t stop us from having fun playing the title's new My Kong mode.

Tank! Tank! Tank! was first released in arcades in 2009. Earlier this year, Namco announced a Wii U version of the game. During our tour of TGS, we checked out a few of the game’s multiplayer modes.

The game has four different multiplayer modes including Free-For-All and Team Versus modes, but the mode that most intrigued us was called My Kong mode. In this mode, three friends drive tanks through a city and try to take down a forth player who is a giant King Kong-like monster.

The three tanks drive around a battlefield, picking up collect power-ups like missiles or gatling guns, while the Kong tries to destroy as much of the city as he can. Plasma attacks stop enemy players in the tracks, and the Kong can shake his remote to power-up or hit the group to unleash a shockwave of energy. The mode is fairly simple, but we can fun co-coordinating an attack against the Kong. Players even get to use the camera on the Wii U’s controller to take a picture of their face, which then appears over their character.

Nothing about Tank! Tank! Tank! is over-polished or sophisticated, but it’s a relaxed, easy game that casual players will enjoy. We suspect that Tank! Tank! Tank! might tank when it releases around the time of the Wii U’s launch, but you could do worse when it comes to casual shooters.