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Tales of Xillia 2

Tales Of Xillia 2 Arrives On PlayStation 3 In August

Bandai Namco has set a release date for Tales of Xillia 2's North American launch date.

The game will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3 on August 19, and there will be a special collector's edition available for $129.99. That version of the game includes a non-working replica of a pocket watch that appears in the game, a figure of the character Ludger Kresnik, a charm plush of Rollo, a cat that appears predominantly throughout the game, costume DLC, and the game's soundtrack.

For more on Tales of Xillia 2, head here. You will also find new screens for the game in the gallery below.

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  • I F-ing LOVED Tales of Xillia 1! Can't wait for this one. Preordering now.
  • I want this game so badly... I just can't wait!

  • ALRIGHT! Hopefully Jude will actually tell Milla how he feels for her in this game. Seriously. Jude had missed the chance to make a move on her for not once, but for almost 3 times in the game! This'll be my next game of 2014 to pre order.

  • Man, I better hurry up and finish Xillia!

  • Two Tales games this year, I'm super excited. Xillia was second last year for my GOTY. I can't wait for Xillia 2! :D
  • I'm going to have to get this :D

  • Working through Symphonia atm, hoping to have Dawn finished by the time this comes around

  • Mod

    I still need to finish the first game!

  • Tales of Xillia was great,hopefully the sequel is as good or better.

  • another must-buy...this time, gonna get that CE!

  • Man with all of these Tales games coming out, I really need to finish up the other Tales game I have, which are Milla's story for Xillia, Graces F, and Symphonia Chronicles So many choices I don't know where to begin
  • Where do I order the CE? I haven't seen it on gamestops website.
  • Gaius...as playable character.....I'm sold!
  • Day freaking one! I beat Xilia back to back when it first came out. God I loved it!

  • Well Time to finish Tales of Xillia

  • Finally! Well at least I can play it this summer. I would have preferred an earlier release but hey I figured this would happen.

  • a non working pocket watch? wow......
  • I have played all the Tales games available here, but I have never played a Tales game that in any way even comes close to Tales of Symphonia. Sure the battle system keeps getting better, but I can play a game with a good story and mediocre gameplay. I can't take the reverse, which is what all the Tales games since Symphonia have been. My love for Symphonia keeps me trying, hoping I will find one I love as much, but after 5+ tries I think I may just be done with Tales. Except for my annual Symphonia playthrough. God I love that game.
  • I will definitely preorder this. And that CE is very tempting.
  • Perfect! Now I have a date that I have to replay Xillia by. I planning to sometime this year, but was expecting it to release more towards winter. Sooner is great though!

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