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Tales of Xillia 2

Here's The First English Trailer For The Next Tales Game

If you are a JRPG fan, things are going pretty well for you right now. Atlus should come out of its acquisition by Sega intact, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 were announced this year, and Tales of Xillia 2 is getting localized for Europe and North America next year.

Straight from TGS, we have the first English trailer for the follow-up to this year's localization Tales of Xillia. If you need to catch up on that title, you can read our review and a piece written by Kim Wallace about why you should be excited for it. You can also check out her spotlight on the Tales series.


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  • It's great to see this game to come over here. I just bought a PS3 and Tales of Xillia was one of the games I bought with it.

  • Well, i'm a JRPG fan but I don't like ALL JRPG. For instance, I moderately appreciate FFXIII (The cheesy characters was killing me...among other things...) and I didn't really appreciate another Tales since Tales Of Symphonia. So Telling that I'm happy is an overstatement. Still, I'm really happy that versus XIII (sorry in my mind it's still versus XIII) and KH3 will finally see the light.
  • YES! 2014!

  • I love Tales of Xillia. I hope this is as good. I know I could import, but I'll wait for the localized version.

  • I need to get the first one. It looks really good! I just wish I had more time to play all these games.. sheesh. But this is definitely good news!

  • oh sweet, i'm almost done with the first one.  Gotta love the Tales of... games

  • Pretty stocked about this! I just started my second playthrough on the first game. I'm one shoting everything...I transferred my level 90s on my new game plus so I can fully level them up to 99 for all them silver trophies! =]
  • Still playing the 1st Xillia, but I can't wait for this one!

  • video interesting good tales of xillia 2

  • Still gotta pick up the first game.

  • I love the Tale series and am so grateful that Tales of Xillia 2 is coming in 2014. ^_^

  • I beat the hell out of Xillia, and I have no idea what this trailer is about. Awesome. Can't wait to play it.

  • Mod

    That looks really great! I still need to get the first game....