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Tales of Xillia

Tales Of Xillia Trailer Promises Two Heroes, Two Nations, One Destiny

The latest trailer for Tales of Xillia is light on gameplay, but it does show off how pretty the game can be in custscene.

For more on the next entry in the Tales series, here are ten reasons why you should be excited about the game, as well as details about the game's collector's edition.

Tales of Xillia is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 Tuesday, August 6.

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  • It DOES look awesome. I wonder who on GI is going to put up a review, and when.
  • Tuesday can't come sooner!!! So looking forward to this!

    EDIT: IGN gave it an 8 praising its combat and story but criticizing it's "sub-par graphics." This translates to, "it's a great Tales game." Very curious to see what GI gives it.
  • I should get this get also. this and dragon's crown should make for a epic tuesday.

  • So excited!! This will be my first Tales game. (Well, I played a couple hours of Tales of Graces f but just to see what a Tales game is like.) And I just finished one of my many PC games so I will feel less guilty for starting a new game on a console.
  • Can't wait for Tuesday, I just reserved this yesterday.
  • As someone who LOVES anime, I can say those are some beautiful cinematic graphics! Really makes me want to get the game!!

  • I may start to get into this series. Does each tales have their own separate characters and story, or would I need to play a specific game first?
  • JRPG of the month

  • just few more days...just few more days.
  • I am totally going to pick this up on Tuesday. First game I've picked up on launch day this year since DmC or Sly Cooper 4. They both came out in February, so I don't remember which one's newer. But besides that, I've just been picking games up digitally (especially on PC during Steam or GOG sales), or picking up retail games months later on the cheap, new. Screw used games. You see real savings if you just wait 2-5 months. And your money goes to the publisher & developer, not Gamestop employees.

    But Tales of Xillia here? I know Namco and the Tales series' producer Hideo Baba are gonna be watching sales of this one closely, and I gotta support the series. Wanna see more of 'em come out here in the West! Besides, it's been awhile since the last big, meaty, colorful adventure and I'm ready for a new one. Bring it on, Namco :)
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  • Going to be picking this one up! Can't wait for Tuesday!

  • Man wish I pre-ordered -.- Oh well I'll get it some day. Just not now. No, money and all spent up on other titles. Oh well. Typically how it goes at times. Heck for all we know. People have high hopes and sudden turn around Xillia turns into a pile of crap. Which I know is HIGHLY unlikely but it has happened before. Still so highly unlikely. Don't hold me to those words. I do have my hopes too.
  • Mod
    I wish I could be familiar with the "Tales of..." series earlier. Guess I am gonna get this game sooner or later.
  • Oh man I'm so hyped for this game! I really can't wait! Sadly I couldn't get the collector's edition pre ordered but maybe I'll find that Maxwell figure on eBay someday
  • The only game that's got me wanting to grab a ps3! I wish this would have come out on the 360, but hey *** it!
  • Wait, this Tuesday?! Oh man, gaming summer starts now. Good thing I already paid off my preorder.

  • Since Vesperia that a Tales game hadn't cought my eye like this. By the way, Tales of Graces f is any good?
  • I can not wait to play this game. I have cleared my schedule and now am ready for a whole two weeks of TALES!!!!!!!!!!!
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