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Tales of Xillia

Tales Of Xillia's E3 Trailer Released

In advance of the craziness of E3, Namco Bandai has sent out a rousing trailer for Tales of Xillia, the forthcoming entry in the RPG Tales series.

The E3 trailer for the game touches on the world of Rieze Maxia, a place where human and spirits co-mingle.

Tales of Xillia comes out exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on August 6. For more on the game check out Kim's preview, as well as her interview with producer Hideo Baba, and Xillia's collector's edition.

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  • Tales of Xillia was so last year. It's all about Xillia 2 now :p

  • F-it. I am getting a PS3. I have too long list of JRPGs I want to play and all on the PS3 and now being hooked on Tales of games. This one clearly just adds to the list. Just as Namco Bandai just hit a homerun just on story alone. Screw the game play at times if the story is AWESOME! Plus great characters.

  • I always knew the Tales of series would one day reach western shores and abroad. Thank you Namco Bandai and everyone who made this possible. ^_^
  • Great trailer! Excited for this new Tales game.

  • I wish this was coming to the 360 like Vesperia did! But it might make me cop a ps3 just for this!

  • This game looks like it's going to be one h*** of a ride.

  • Finally a Tales for Ps3 comes to the U.S.!  Should have happened years ago

  • I got the collectors edition.