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Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 1

Five New Screenshots

Telltale and Gearbox are teaming up for an episodic adventure series set in the Borderlands universe. The first episode won’t be coming until this summer, but we have a new look at five new screenshots now.

Tales from the Borderlands takes place following the events of Borderlands 2 and the fall of Handsome Jack. While lead characters Rhys and Fiona aren’t vault hunters, you’ll encounter familiar faces, like Zero.

This game will be part of Borderlands canon (no Star Wars-esque Expanded Universe wipe here). So don’t be surprised if what you play in this format has important ramifications for the characters you know and love.

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  • Looks really cool especially how they've captured the visual style of Borderlands yet meshed it with TT's style of gaming. Can't wait to play this!

  • The art style looks good, I wasn't expecting that to be a problem. I just hope the gameplay will turn out good. Glad they are implementing old characters. Even T.K. Baha.
  • I passed on Telltale's The Walking Dead and their adaptations of the Fables comics, but I don't think I'll be able to resist a Borderlands-themed adventure game.
  • Hopefully they hold true to Borderlands comedic flavor. Can't wait to play this though
  • That guy in the first screen shot, the guy from the captain Scarlet DLC, what's his name? I can't remember.
  • Why did TTG choose Borderlands and Game of Thrones for their next games? I don't like both but I love playing their games. Damn it.
  • It looks more likely that this is on Xbox one too because the Y button in the picture is yellow not orange, plus the buttons have a black background.

  • Shade? Shade? Shade? The worst *** character in the entire universe and they brought him back? Ah, NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo That said, I am pumped for this take on the universe!
  • I know its telltale and I am enjoying some of their previous works, I will wait for a review. Wasn't a big fan of BL, what made it fun was its co-op method but I never really invested in any of the characters emotionally so BL2's continuing plot had very little impact either. While Telltale has talent, the ore of this game isn't quite as enriching to me as others claim.
  • Pretty cool, but I don't see myself buying it. I want my Borderlands game to be full Borderlands game and not a point and click.

  • This is intriguing, and I enjoyed the story in BL2. But I'm skeptical enough to wait for a review. I don't know if a FPS action game will translate all that well to Telltale's format.
  • Is it just me, or does that look like Handsome Jack?

  • T.K. Baha! one of my favorites of the whole series! take my money, I hope they put this on android, I would love to play it in the car or something
  • I've never played the Borderlands series but i plan on getting it for the PSVita. I know I'm gonna like this since I love TWD and TWAU from tellTale and I'm not worried since I went into both of those series completely ignorant of the comics and the show for one. So I am quite excited for this!!!

  • I'm excited for really anything Borderlands related so naturally I'm excited for this.

  • I'm excited for really anything Borderlands related so naturally I'm excited for this.

  • So this game, plus the prequel-sequel?

    So we're essentially going to see the full story on Handsome Jack establishing Hyperion and then going down to Pandora to grab his stake. Sweeeeeeeeet.

  • If Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington isn't in this game, I'll be disappointed, especially since Shade is in it.

  • Is no one gonna mention they that robot hand guy looks a hell of a lot like Handsome Jack. I bet their related.

  • I cant wait the pre-sequel