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Takedown: Red Sabre

Screenshots Show Off 505 Games' Tactical Shooter

The latest from Serellan  (a team made up of developers who have worked on such titles as Halo, Ghost Recon, and SOCOM) is Takedown: Red Sabre. Meant to be a more tactical approach to shooters, Takedown pits the player against enemies in close-quarters, making the player think on his or her feet in order to progress.

Levels are built with replay value in mind, as they are nonlinear and offer multiple ways to reach objectives.  Strategies employed in Takedown are modeled after real-life tactics used by SWAT and Special Operations Forces to take down enemies in close combat scenarios. 

If you prefer to run and gun over coming up with strategies when playing a shooter, Takedown may not be your style. Be sure to take a look at the screenshots first, though.

Keep an eye out for Takedown: Red Sabre on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade this fall.

  • Looks cool. Kind of like Rainbow Six: Vegas days
  • This seems fun. I really love tactical shooters, this seems like it has potential, so long as its not a copy and paste of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Definitely going to keep an eye out for this however.
  • reminds me of Counterstrike
  • ''If you prefer to run and gun over coming up with strategies when playing a shooter, Takedown may not be your style.'' Well there goes 98% of the shooter crowd.
  • with the ghost recon and socom experience this makes me think this might be 3rd person.
  • It looks good, I bet it's good, I hope it's good.

  • Has some Spec Ops feel to it.  Tactical shooters are starting to get more innovative & emphasis on tactics.

  • Spiritual successor to the SWAT shooters, or more like RB6:V?
  • Anything that remotely resembles Rainbow Six looks good in my book. I need something to fill in the hole that the MIA Rainbow Six Patriots has left in my heart.

  • Because no one's tried to inject a tactical approach into a shooter...*sigh*
  • I'll definitely give it a try. I love games that allow me freedom in how I reach my objective. Especially when patience and critical thinking are involved.
  • Yay an article from Liz:) This game looks and sounds great so far. I will watch for it and spread the word. I know a lot of military guys who prefer strategy shooters over charging like a hardass ala CoD. I presume because they know running and gunning will get you killed.

  • everything about this game screams "BORING!"
  • Cool! Loved early socom games.
  • I'll definitely give it a try. I really like Rainbow Six & Counter Strike.

  • Looks pretty cool! Might be the first downloadable game I decide to buy since I bought Deadlight!

  • If you're interested in this game, this kickstarter project is definitely worth the time checking out and reading into:

  • looks like brothers in arms

    Please check out this Kickstarter project for the creative director of Socom 1 and 2.. if you know you're history of shooters you'll know how important those two games were to not only the shooting genre but online gaming as a whole.

  • Between this and H-Hour World's Elite, i'm quite excited for the near future of tactical shooters. H-Hour is trying to fund on KickStarter through July 7th. Check it out and consider donating for a PC or PS4 digital copy, or more, when it is made! Confirmed features in H-Hour: World's Elite: 1. Lean, no cover system. 2. Lobbies 3. Third person & first person view options 4. No sprint button 5. Maps designed around one game mode 6. Round based is primary focus, there will also be respawn options 7. Features like jump-to-climb & encumbrance will be decided by the community - "the community will be part of the dev team." 8. Plans to develop what S1 & S2 should have become years down the road 9. PC build will lead to a PS4 launch 10. Robust clan and clan war options well beyond previous SOCOMs, including clan bios and profiles 11. Victory dances and custom taunts 12. Escort, Suppression, and Breach under different names 13. Urban, desert, and jungle map enviroments 14. User Created Rooms including private invitation only rooms with savable presets 15. Customize tag, bio, and in-game patches 16. Mobile app to manage clan activities and communications 17. After action reports on performance and tactics as a team after each game 18. Side arms, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and grenades will be in the game. 19. US Special Forces vs terrorists 20. Single player uses advanced enemy AI. 21. Never before told stories from retired special forces operators all set in locations where terrorist were or are active 22. No drivable vehicles in the game and focus is on the “men on the ground".
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