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Take On Mars

Explore Mars With This Simulated Rover

Take On Mars gives you the chance to bounce around realistically modeled Mars terrain in a variety of modes.

Pre-built scenarios set science-related mission objectives for you to complete with your rovers and landers. Alternatively, the Space Program limits your budget and tasks you with various missions that, if successful, will keep your agency afloat. Finally, a heavy focus on moddability raises the hope that user-created content will open up new doors after the game is released.

Take On Mars features dynamic physics and vehicle modeling that changes the way your machines behave based on their current state. Break a wheel or a camera arm, and you can expect realistic consequences.

Take On Mars comes out on PC this fall at something less than a full $50 retail price.

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  • it needs zombies
  • Looks cool, kind of minecrafty
  • This game is going to be a mod paradise. But I look forward to seeing where this game goes - it honestly sounds really interesting to me. I'd love to just roam around a realistically created Mars landscape. Never would have expected this game coming out.

  • Looks nice. Would be great to know more, though.
    And if it's accurate I'd love to explore a piece of Mars :D
  • Looks sweet. If they put this on the Wii U with a bunch of "NASA controls on the GamePad," I'd be down with it in a heartbeat. As such, I do not game on my laptop. That is for making games, not playing them.
  • Also try Kerbal Space Program. You build you own rockets and rovers and explore the solar system. Also HIGHLY moddable. The devs even have an official modding website for modding. Its PC only because it is very heavy on physics.
    Here https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/
    or on Steam
  • But does it have DOGS?

  • Without mods, this would be pretty boring.
  • That looks pretty awesome. How much is it going to be for? "Less than $50" is a good start, but still covers a lot of ground :P
  • If you like simulations and mods this will probably be cool.  Unless they have crazy plans and after a year they do an update where subterranean Mars aliens surface and start messing with your gear.

  • We need more games like this. I would love to see a Amazon exploration game like his.
  • Interesting...

  • That's actually a neat scientific concept, even if it is more of a simulation than anything else.

  • What a strangely enticing concept for a game. I am particularly interested in how modders could extend and morph this concept in the future. I imagine creepy alien encounters and strange sci-fi occurrences could provide some thrilling experiences.

  • Looks cool, but if I'm not finding Aliens I don't care..

  • Maybe the modders can mod in the part of the game that's supposed to be fun

  • I'm interested in this, seeing as I went to JPL (the place they made it) not too long ago.

  • Sounds interesting, ill definately keep an eye out for it

  • Cool?