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  • Blog Post: DownPlay Review #1 - Syndicate

    In 1993, I wasn't born yet, so all comparison to the classic RTS is henceforth null and void in this review. At the point of Syndicate's release, it was still very early in the year, and the upcoming Mass Effect 3 was sending all other announcements over my head, and the sound of a dubstep trailer... More
  • Blog Post: Its Great

    This game is really fun! Yet the story mode is really really short. This game has fun online though. It isn't like call of duty with free for all its little co-op missions that are fun, competitive, and will make you feel important. You have to help your friends the whole time or they will die. So... More
  • Blog Post: Spiraling towards victory.

    Not only does this game provide endless re-playability, but also just has that great game feel that makes you collection complete. So far the graphics are crisp and nice looking. At first your wandering why you in a chair getting you ass beat by some random guy who doesn't know what he wants then... More
  • Blog Post: Syndicate for PS3

    Go to for our weekly podcast, the audio of this review, and more reviews like it. Syndicate began life is an isometric real-time tactical game by Bullfrog Productions in 1993. It was your job to gain world domination with your established syndicate (corporation) by controlling... More
  • Blog Post: this game

    I this finshed this gaem it was sweet the game play is alsome but there is not much of a multiplayer.but other then that i recommend it to anyone More
  • Blog Post: Quick Overcap

    Single-Player The single player is a little weaker then the co-op, the most interesting part of the single player ( obtaining chips and getting new skills ) is very downplayed. It only happens a hand-full of times. the game needs more execution moves as there are only about 8 and its very annoying to... More
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