First, I'm not making fun of people with ADD so calm down. I'm merely saying that to illustrate how much crap is thrown at you in this game at any one time, and requires the player to constantly shift their attention from one threat to another while simultaneously utilizing several abilities and features. 

Maybe it's my age and I'm getting too old for this, but there is a lot the player needs to be thinking about while playing Syndicate. The main mechanic in the game is pretty cool, I'll admit, and throws a spin to the normal "hum drum" FPS gameplay. But there is a point when it becomes too much. 

In the game you have to "breach" (read: hack) certain objects; these range from doors to an enemy's armor. You also get an overlay that, when activated, slows down time and allows you to see where enemies are located. You get three breaching abilities that allow you to affect enemy soldiers by having them commit suicide, cause their weapon to malfunction or trick them in to fighting for you for a short time. 

This all sounds really cool on paper, but in practice it quickly devolves into a clusterf--- of chaos as barrels full of enemies are thrown at you and which you need to use all your breaching abilities in order to be effective (read: not die). Not only that, but once you use one of your abilities it must be recharged and the only way to do that is to kill enemies. It's a constant formula of use breach, overlay to slow time, kill enemies to recharge breach ability, repeat. 

Not helping matters are the controls which are just unintuitive with some buttons serving multiple purposes or some just being awkwardly placed ("Circle" button to crouch and click "R3" for melee kills, what??). The controls just seem out of whack from standard FPS games. 

I'm not dinging the game too much for these problems as apparently this just isn't my cup of tea. The premise is cool and I might give it another shot down the road (and likewise amend this review and score if needed), but for now it all proved to be a bit overwhelming.