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DownPlay Review #1 - Syndicate

In 1993, I wasn't born yet, so all comparison to the classic RTS is henceforth null and void in this review. At the point of Syndicate's release, it was still very early in the year, and the upcoming Mass Effect 3 was sending all other announcements over my head, and the sound of a dubstep trailer no longer surprised me. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what attracted me to Syndicate. The co-op demo kinda whizzed by me and my good friends pestered me about not playing, so I guess I owe this purchase to peer pressure. Not a good start.


  • Sorry about this. My computer crashed while I was doing this and it accidentally published too soon. In short, what I was trying to say is that Syndicate's forgettable single-player campaign is made up for by an immersive co-op experience with lots of replay value, so long as you have friends tonplay it with.