The single player is a little weaker then the co-op, the most interesting part of the single player ( obtaining chips and getting new skills ) is very downplayed. It only happens a hand-full of times. the game needs more execution moves as there are only about 8 and its very annoying to see the same ones over and over again. The story is not offensive but nothing special, were the game ends I thought they were gonna keep going for a bit as it would have made it interesting, Although it could be setting up for a sequel . This is not a 10 hour game ! More like 6 ! I got home at 7 popped it in my 360 and was finished by 1. The health system for syndicate is awful , you can never tell when you are about to die , its the typical Call of duty strawberry jam health system , but even less helpful. There are a few intersting boss battles in the mix, My favorite includes one were you lose all your weapons and have to hack the bosses missiles he launches at you mid flight and fire them back. The Single player alone I'd give a 7.75


Co-op is were this game shines, the missons are pretty varied, there is the abilty to create your own syndicates and change your clan tags and badges, there is an intersting stock market function that shows you how your syndicate ( basically your clan) has done over time, the co-op has more options for leveling up and load-out selections a la call of duty. The only disappointment is not being able to create your own characters, you get loaded up as 1 of 4 pre made characters at the beginng of the match , and its just kinda weird were you are supposed to be the big ceo of this corp. and you only see the same 4 guys no matter who you play with. The mission set-up requires a decent amount of co-op startgegy, The Co-op gets an 8.5

By the way this is very graphically beautiful game !