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Super Time Force

Witness The Time-Traveling Insanity Of Super Time Force

At more than six minutes long, the latest trailer for Super Time Force gives you an excellent look at the chaotic action, and a good idea of how the time-travel mechanic works.

With influences from Gunstar Heroes, Contra, and the perhaps lesser-known The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Super Time Force has lots of things happening on-screen. Characters are literally traveling through time to save themselves, all while dodging bullets, platforming, and causing massive explosions.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below, as well as the previous trailer for the game, which takes a deeper look at the characters.

Super Time Force is coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade some time this year.

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  • Looks hard, and fun; too bad it's only on Xbox
  • Seems like this game can get really crazy.

  • I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like soooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I see dinosaurs. In a side-scroller. Good thing someone is doing some of that while my project moves so slowly...if only my artist would actually work again. :\

  • Too bad it's only on 360. :/
    Isn't this the game where one guy got mad because a trailer for FarCry 3: Blood Dragon supposedly ripped-off their trailer when the similarities were almost non-existent?
  • I am so pumped for this game.  Between this, Shovel Knight, and the remastered DuckTales, the old school will get its fill of side-scrolling action this year.  Just need some kind of space shmup to go with them.

  • Hopefully this comes to PC or PS3 sometime. Looks like a fun game... like a mash-up of Contra, Braid and Metal Slug.

  • I don't know why Capybara is so far up Microsoft's butt, but it's annoying as heck. I mean, they're pretty much the only indie game studio who's still supporting MS. It's baffling. AT LEAST double dip and put this stuff on Steam. Seriously guys; PS4 and Wii U let you self publish! Your BEST game has been multiplatform (the underrated Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes)! Would you stop exclusively supporting Microsoft? Jeez...

    Oh well; this looks cool, but it'll be easy to ignore since it's an Xbox exclusive. Not to mention, BroForce hits a lot of the same notes, it seems (the pixel art style, the humor, the co-op, the wanton destruction, etc.).

  • Well that trailer was something. It definitely looks fun.

  • Wow this looks amazing! Excellent idea on the strategic time jumping concept and saving your companions.

  • This game looks great, and if it has coop that would be incredible, but I'll have to play a demo before I will know if I want this or not.

    Oh, and I hope this game does well enough to get ported over to PSN and Steam, considering how many people here are interested but can't get it due to its exclusivity. This game looks like it could get a good amount of fans, especially on other systems, regardless of whether I like it or not.

  • Im super excited for this