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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

The Changes Of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012

Capcom released a new trailer showing off all the tweaks and changes fans of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition can expect to see.

A new update called Version 2012, available for free starting today for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, rebalances all 39 fighters from the game.

Hardcore fans will notice immediate changes, such as E Honda's headbutt having more invincibility and a quicker start up speed for Rose's Soul Satelitte attack. All these seemingly little changes of course lead to new combos. Check out the detailed video below.

  • I'll stick with the 1st version of it
  • this is my first second of all time. Second!
  • For a minute there I thought it was another version of SF. Glad to see they are continuing to support the latest version and here is hoping that it stays as the latest version although I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Super Street Fighter 4: Turbo Arcade Edition With Sprinkles.
  • How long are they going to milk Street Fighter IV?
  • Free? I'm in.
  • You think they would just release Street Fighter V already, enough is enough. I'm all for patches that revamp a game, but I'd say three and a half years into a games life is the point when you just let it go.
  • Capcom is so greedy...
  • Yay, I can't to buy Street Fighter IV AGAIN!
  • so the gameplay is cheaper than before

  • Capcom's finally learned what the word "free" means.
  • wait, so its just an update right? cause if its a whole new game f**k that
  • whoaaa this is awesome!!! gonna go download the update right now!

  • They need to add more stages and not just ones that are at different times of the day.

  • Now wait until they charge 10 bucks for a versus mode.

  • why are people talking ***. you people think that just because capcom is notorious for milking the *** out of its games, that every single thing you hear from them is an attempt at stealing your money. This is a free update. A FREE UPDATE. Stop being so *** ignorant and think before you speak.
  • At least this is better than reselling the Arcade Edition for more money. Hopefully Capcom updates SSF4 more than one time a year.
  • Mod

    You mean aside from the additional words in the title?

  • some people aren't reading the article LMAO. You silly bears.
  • FOOO FREEEE?? Awesome =)

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