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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Coming To Retail, DLC

“After last April, when Super Street Fighter IV was released, we got a lot of requests and a lot of comments from fans letting us know what features they wanted to see if we were to do a sequel,” says Yoshinori Ono, the game’s producer. The result is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, which brings four new characters and a variety of tweaks and enhancements to the game.

Players will be able to get their hands on Arcade Edition in one of two ways. First, existing Super Street Fighter IV players will be able to download the additional content through a DLC bundle. It’s scheduled for a June 7 worldwide release for $14.99. In addition to that, the Arcade Edition will be sold at retail near the end of June at a price “that won’t break the bank,” as Ono puts it. The game is also hitting the PC, which should come as good news for players itching to put their homemade arcade cabinets to the test.

In addition to four new characters—Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, and Yang—a new robust replay channel has been added. The channel will allow players to track five of their favorite players, automatically downloading their most recent match highlights. In addition, onlookers can filter searches to only show replays from players with 3,000 or more PPs, providing a glimpse of how the pros do it. Players can save 50 files locally and share them with their friends.

Capcom is keenly aware of what kind of accidental effects this kind of DLC strategy could have, and they’ve taken steps to avoid problems.

“When you do something like this, a lot of times it’s easy to accidently splinter the community, because you have people with regular Super Street Fighter IV, you have people with DLC, the disc, etc,” says Ono. “Right now we’re looking at a situation where we have a community of dedicated Super Street Fighter IV players of between anywhere from three to four million people. The last thing we wanted to do is to splinter that community or harm it in any way, so we’ll be patching Super Street Fighter IV so they can have matchmaking sessions with people who do have the upgrade, so nobody is left out in the cold. Your copy of Super Street Fighter IV will be perfectly playable online; you’ll be able to play anyone who has any version."


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  • sweet, but tha video hurt my head

  • Having the additional content as optional DLC is the appropriate way to handle this. At least they are not requiring you to purchase yet another new iteration of SF4 to get access to the content but people who want to buy it new can still get the whole package. Regardless, let the whining commence.

  • By my count, this is the fifth Street Fighter 4 game (SF4, SSF4, SSF43D, SSF4iPhone/Pod, SSF4AE.)  Is Mega Super Street Fighter 4: Turbo Matrix next?

  • considering this update comes at the same cost as a Call of Duty Map pack, 14.99 is an EXTREMELY reasonable price for such robust changes and extra characters

  • I can't see how anyone would complain about th..... nevermind. But I know I'll pick this up and start playing Super Street Fighter IV again.

  • Is it me, or does Yang kinda look like Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing?
  • I still only have Street Fighter 4, I feel like Im getting screwed here, I might as well wait another year till they release Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo Championship Arcade Edition.
  • *Sigh* looks like I have to buy a new version of Street Fighter 4.....Again.

  • Sweet. Now i wonder should I get Super 4 now or wait for the retail release. Any way I am looking forward to it. I hope that it comes soon.
  • Wow, who are the cool dudes from the bottom video?

  • Mod
    Since this is coming out in June, once the 3DS eShop is up, I wonder if they'll put it up as DLC there too...

    Edit: Here's an interesting hint that Yoshinori Ono posted on Twitter.

    "Heheheeee. ;P RT @RichIGN:one of my readers wants to know when SSFIVAE will be coming to the 3DS. =)"
  • I'm glad they're doing both retail and dlc.  I really don't feel like buying the game for a 3rd time.

  • Capcom: 2D fighting champion and greatest franchise milker of all time! I'll keep my money and say no thanks to these two lame azz characters and Capcom's latest money grab.

    Edit: I didn't even see the top video. Wow, I knew they milked franchises to death, but how many times can they reskin and keep milking Ken and Ryu? 20+ years and counting.
  • $15 well spent

  • Cool day one purchase for me. I know I will be done with mortal kombat by then.

  • Always had a soft spot for evil ryu... don't know why but i do

  • Oh so excited...

  • I knew they were going to cave in to the pressure. Nobody goes to arcades just to play exclusive games anymore. This isn't the 90's, although I do miss the Golden Era of Fighing games. Can't say I didn't see this coming.

  • Yay! SSF is great, and this looks wonderful.

  • that Evil Ryu and Oni fight was enuff for me Im sold, most def gettin the DLC cuz thats bad ass!

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