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  • Blog Post: Street Fighter IV

    It is six months after the previous tournament and there is a new evil organization named S.I.N. looking to take over the world. Most of the fighters from the previous tournament have reunited to challenge this new threat. Some fight for peace and others fight for power. Any fan of fighting games will... More
  • Blog Post: jerry jerry jerry

    Time to hit the streets for street fighter 4. We all new street fighter would be a great game but how great? Prety great. Great stages, great characters, and great graphics. But it is just not as violent as modern day fighting fan would want. overall still one of the best franchies More
  • Blog Post: One of the best fighting games ever!!!!!*Tiny spoilers*

    From 39 characters,this game is the most excellent out of any previous street fighter games up to date. But if you get the arcade edition(like i have),you will have 43 characters total!!!and they have added a couple levels to mix and match things up,and to also keep things fresh as you continue your... More
  • Blog Post: Fun Even for the Non-Fighting Game Fan

    This is hands down the best fighting game I have ever played. Seriously. Beautifully rendered graphics set in a 2-d fighting environment that offers hours upon hours of quality entertainment. Yes, voice acting sucks. Yes, the stories told are lame. But the mechanics are sharp and engaging. The framerate... More
  • Blog Post: A Must Have

    There's just no way else to put it; this game is awesome! A huge improvement of the original Street Fighter IV, this game delivers a plethora of new characters, all of them bringing varied, unique and fun gameplay to the table. The original characters you loved played as each have a new Ultra Combo... More
  • Blog Post: Fighting excellence

    I have been playing this game since launch and i must say it is a blast.The new characters are all good and make excellent additions to the roster which now contains 35 characters(10 are new others are returning characters from Street Fighter 4).I must also say the gameplay is Much much faster paced... More
  • Blog Post: Ryu?

    I was skeptical at first that this game would be better than SFIV. I was wrong SSFIV is just better all the way around. The new fighters add enough depth to reignite any waning interest veterans might have in the hallowed series. The added Ultra combos ,some feel cheesy and tacked on, give us an enough... More
  • Blog Post: Super Street Fighter IV: Improving on the Fighting Genre's Reigning Champ

    Back in 2008, I was pretty psyched for Street Fighter IV (I wrote a blog post about that, if you'd care to read it.) The game was amazing, but I thought it needed a few improvements. In my review of Street Fighter IV, I included a small list of things I didn't like about it. Super Street Fighter... More
  • Blog Post: "Super" Indeed

    With the release of Super Street Fighter 4 Capcom has updated and improved on Street Fighter 4 in almost every way possible. With new characters, new online modes, new ultra combos, the return of the Car Crusher and Barrel Breaker bonus stages, a detailed dedicated replay channel, and a soon-to-be-released... More
  • Blog Post: You know you wanna

    This game is a blast. I've heard all the complaints, but i think for the $40 asking price this game is a steel. Yes, i am bias, and i have been for many years, i love Street Fighter, and i remember the days when i used to pay $70 for 4 characters. This game has 10 new characters and it's ONLY... More
  • Blog Post: Definitely worth the upgrade!

    This game couldn't be delivered on DLC for millions of good reasons, which are what you'll find on this update to Street Fighter IV. It's an awesome game with 35 fighters unlocked, the trials are somewhat streamlined but still difficult to master, and the new gameplay modes are stellar! I'm... More
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