It is six months after the previous tournament and there is a new evil organization named S.I.N. looking to take over the world.  Most of the fighters from the previous tournament have reunited to challenge this new threat.  Some fight for peace and others fight for power.

 Any fan of fighting games will quickly realize that the cooperation between Capcom and SNK Playmore had a strong influence on the game's imagery and music.  Right away, the game looks and feels similar to Capcom Versus SNK, but still plays like the previous Street Fighter games.  This time around, it was decided to go with more of an anime-inked look.  It provides a bit of artistic flare to the action on screen.  In addition, the ink effects are the substitute for sweat and blood.

 New to the franchise are the extended opening, rival, closing story lines and the English voice acting.  The voice actor behind Ryu is Kyle Herbert.  Herbert is best known as the voice actor behind both teen and adult Gohan of FUNimation's DragonBall Z fame.  With him are other voice actors from many different English anime studios.

 The one thing that has survived the test of time is the commands for each character.  Very few commands have changed and the powered attack system introduced in Capcom Versus SNK has been updated and implemented.  However, using the current generation of game controllers can make fighting difficult.  In turn, companies are releasing wired and wireless controllers strictly made for this type of fighting game.

 This game also packs in a multitude of new features, such as various challenges, galleries and online fighting modes.  As players fight through the arcade mode, they unlock other characters and videos.  As players fight against others online, they unlock titles and icons.  In all manner of ways, players can unlock items in the gallery.  There is also downloadable content, including alternate costumes.

 Since Street Fighter III, there has been a multitude of crossovers involving the main SF cast.  It has been 15 years since there has been a strictly Street Fighter game.  It is about time and online play to boot!