From 39 characters,this game is the most excellent out of any previous street fighter games up to date. But if you get the arcade edition(like i have),you will have 43 characters total!!!and they have added a couple levels to mix and match things up,and to also keep things fresh as you continue your epic battles of porportions. As you choose any character, you can unlock either color or personal actions which is a lot easier to do in this,then you could in the original street fighter 4(which in that one, must do all hard challenges in increasing difficulties). The graphics are definently rated 10. If having a old tv while playing this isn't enough?Try to at least get a small flat screen and it will blow your mind into outer space!!! In this game, there are two different ultras to pick between before you start a match with an online competitor or before you start arcade mode or even do versus mode. Seth, the final and (i think) is one of the most hardest bosses to beat on easy or higher, makes his return as the final boss in arcade mode. The online capability is great. Matchmaking is very easy to use like any other game and tournament mode and replay channels and so many more to explore throughout this wild online play. If your a beginner , at least try this game because its one of the best fighting games around. And if it so happens that your expertise is on fighting games or games in general...THIS GAME IS DEFINENTLY FOR YOU. Check it out and if you do happen to enjoy this game, have a great amount of fun with it putting hours and hours upon this wonderful, exciting street fighter installment that nobody can not forget.