I have been playing this game since launch and i must say it is a blast.The new characters are all good and make excellent additions to the roster which now contains 35 characters(10 are new others are returning characters from Street Fighter 4).I must also say the gameplay is Much much faster paced than Street Fighter 4 and all the old characters seem to be quicker and stronger as well,Which is a good thing overall.So far i have put almost 20 hours into the game mainly the online which is very good now there is little lag(only when you play with people with a bad connection).Overall I have little problems with this game,I would only say that some of the new characters are overpowered when compared to the old ones(especially Juri,and Ibuki).The new ultra attacks are very flashy and some are big improvments over the originals.This game is just pure fighting fun if you are a Street Fighter Fan or a Fighting game fan you should not pass this game up especially considering it is only 39.99$.