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Ways to Beat Cheap Characters

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Ways to Beat Cheap Characters

Some people you battle on Wi-fi are cheap because they use people like Ike, Kirby, Marth or Wolf.  These are easy ways to beat them.

First way: try to survive until the end of the battle without dying, then it will go to sudden death. When you get there, you will have a way easier chance of winnig.

Second way: use up all the items that appear so the opponent doesn't get an advantage.

Third way: If you are on a stage where a part of it can really damage your character, [Like the cannons on the Halberd], make sure your foe stands right in front of it.

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  • This isn't really a guide.  You just assume that a particular character is bad, ok, or good.  You should back that up with a reason why they are bad ok or good, because guides are based on facts not opinions.

  • Interesting that you have Meta Knight, the highest tierd character in tournament rankings, ranked as bad with no explinaton as to why.

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