If you are like most people playing smash bros you just want all of the characters and all of the stages without pouring countless hours into the same characters or playing the awful subspace emmissary. Fortunately there is an easy approach. All you need to do is start a special brawl, Start with max damage. Optionally put a flower on your heads for faster damage. Then select your character and one CPU. Set the CPU to the lowest difficulty and the match to a live stock. Set the stock to one life and start a match. The rounds go super quick. Since all characters can be unlocked by playing a certain number of rounds you can just play that way until you have them all. If you want to keep track of how close you are to unlocking a new character just go into your stats and see how many rounds you have played. A new character appears every 50 to 100 rounds. Keep in mind that when a new character appears you must beat him to unlock and your special brawl settings wont help you. Hope this helps and happy smashing.