The Annoying Kirby Bug on PICTOCHAT: Go to edge of the screen and press (Down+B) and presto.

This is Called a HAMMER!!(Combo Move): Grab you enemy and and go either right or left. Then quickly use (B+Left or right)!!! It Can go from 0% to 25%!!! Do it again, and it will go to 45%!!!

One spike to the edge...(a special Up+B move): try to launch the enemy off-screen. when you feel he's going to grab the edge of the stage, go there now. when he grabs the stage use up+b to there. your enemy will be spiked to his doom while kirby grips the edge like he was a cliffhanger.  be careful though. try not to use it too fast. once the enemy grabs the stage, it will have slight invincebility. Don't do this all the time. you could fail at the second try. your so lucky!! ;3

The Annoying kirby Bug on pictochat (SPECIAL ATTACK): While the enemy catches the edge, kirby's down b (on the edge) not only makes noises but also takes damage to enemies.

More to come!!!