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Fighting tips for Snake

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Fighting tips for Snake

If you prefer to play as Snake in battles, this tip guide will probably come in handy.

1.Place a bomb into the ground by pressing down B. Then lure opposite player near it then press down B agian to detonate and launch player in to air. When they are air born launch a grenade upward towards them to send them flying.

2.If opposite player is in the air and high up to sides of screen, lauch a mini missile and shoot them to the edge and KO them.

3.Use the C stick to use smash attacks on slower opponents. This does not always work so beware on strong opponents.

4.When using a final smash aim below the opposite player to send them up high than normal.

5.When using a grenade hold the button to time and throw to hit the enemy just right.

If you are new to playing with Snake I am pretty sure this will help. I just want to help new players who like Snake.

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