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Endless Ocean 2 Partner Location

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Endless Ocean 2 Partner Location

To be able to do these requests, they have to show up in your special request book.

Short-beaked common dolphin: recieve at the beginning of the game

Spectacled porpoise: you will find it in the ice cavern when you first go to the Weddell Sea

Albino bottlenose dolphin: find it in Ciceros Strait inside Cross Rift. You will need to tame the attacking tiger shark first.

Red tusk narwhal: in the Artic Sea where the narwhals are, dive with Oceana and surface onto the ice until you see a red tusk in the water, dive back in the water, then you'll have the narwhal

Pink river dolphin: swim with your red tusk narwhal and go to the Cortica River Upstream Temple. Hold on to your narwhal and swim around the full pink dolphin

Orca: go to the Zahhab Region. Swim with Hayako and go to the southwest open sea. You will find a pod of orca's, but one with a scar. It will want an orca doll you can buy from Nancy. If you have it, show it to the orca and you have it.

Risso dolphin: you will need the shrimp you buy from Nancy first. Then, you go to the Zahhab Region Depths where you will find a white-headed Risso dolphin. Give it the shrimp.

White-sided dolphin: It is at Deep Hole. Once you see it, it is shy, you will need to go there every day until it likes you.

False killer whale: you find it in Valka Castle at the top of the Spiral Tower. It will flee. Keep following it until it likes you.

Beluga whale: it will be in the Artic with the other beluga whales. It will swim up to you and sing. You will use the dolphin flute and try to keep up with its tune.

Commersons dolphin: ?

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