Yeah, Super Smash Bros.  Probably the best series I've ever played.  Who wouldn't want to see all the Nintendo characters they've played as over the years fight against each other.  And yes, it's a video game, so you control the characters.  I just really enjoyed this game.  The best, if not, one of the best games I have ever played on a Nintendo console (Meele is better in my opinion).  I heard about this game from a friend, and I thought I'd check it out.  I'm glad that I did.  I'm typing as fast as I possibly can so I can tell you why sooner.

Gameplay:  The gameplay is perfect.  You can fight with your friends on the Wii, fight online, and fight your friends online!  You can even watch a Internet match that's happening LIVE.  What can I say?  This is the one of the best games I have ever played on a Nintendo console.  That means that the gameplay is perfect.  You really feel that urge to hit Luigi in the face with Link's sword!  There is that feeling that makes you want to stand up and jump around while you're playing.  I just find myself playing this over and over again becuase of that great feeling after you've knocked you're opponent of the screen.

Graphics:  At first, I thought the graphics weren't good.  For example:  Mario looks darker than he would normally.  But after getting used to the game, I got used to the graphics.  And now I enjoy Mario looking darker, and looking at those Nintendogs I despise through an assist trophy.

Lasting Appeal:  I could describe this in one sentence.  I am now keeping my Wii until I die.  Seriously, I will be loading this game into my Wii in 40 years.  And beyond that.  No other game has done it this well before.  In terms of lasting appeal (and maybe gameplay), I think this is DA FIGHTING GAME.  Or maybe even just DA GAME.  Because the addiction of opening all the assist trophies (I don't want to spoil what it is, but assist trophies are one of the main items of the game) to get Waluigi to stomp your opponent into the ground and then smack your opponent in the face with a tennis racket just never gets old.

Sound:  Great.  Just great.  The music on the stages are (usually) the same as the actual games, and I'm known to be a video game music lover.  The sound effects of this game are spot-on, and I'm sort of glad that they didn't have a "Pain" sound effect.  That would get annoying.  Anyway, the sound "Exceeds Standards".  And those standards have exceeded thier standards at the beginning of time.  Or before that.

If you're on the fence of buying this game, just get it.  It'll be REALLY worth it.  It gives a real bang for your buck.  So much in fact, the bang will start a brawl!