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Super Smash Bros. Changes The Game With Customizable Fighters

Late into the night, after all of my friends have taken off to get dinner, Nintendo invited me to come to a very exclusive press conference to talk about Super Smash Bros. I didn’t get dinner, but I got details.

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai took the stage during the presentation to talk about many new systems to the game that will fundamentally change how fans play Smash Bros.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that Mii characters would be playable in the game. These characters have 12 different special moves that players will be able to use to customize their Mii fighter. However, during the press conference, Sakurai explained that this feature isn’t unique to the Miis – every character in Super Smash Bros. has a variety of special attacks that they’ll be able to swap out to create their perfect fighter.

For example, in past Smash Bros. games Mario has had a standard fireball attack, but now players will be able to swap that out for either a smaller, faster fireball, or a fire orb that is big and slow but hits multiple times. Sadly, this feature can only be used in With Friends mode, and not with the more competitive With Anyone mode.

Special moves aren’t the only way that players will be able to customize their fighters, because fighters can also now take advantage of equipment. Characters will be able to equip up to three items, and the gear they use will change their strengths and weaknesses. For example, Ultra-Light Weight shoes will allow a character to move faster but their attack will also be reduced. Alternatively, High Power Gloves will beef up a character’s punches, but make it easier for them to get launched more easily.

These features truly mix up the way that players will be able to bond with their favorite characters. When the game releases on October 3 for the 3DS and in early 2015 for the Wii U, your Mario could easily be different that your friend’s version of Mario.

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  • I'm still curious as to what kind of role the Amiibo figures will have on Smash. Are they just going to offer up DLC toons or are the figures going to have better stats and moves. I would hate for Amiibo to turn Smash into a pay to win title. Again no idea where it's headed just a reserved observation.
  • interesting, but I'm not really bought on this...unless a particular sort of Mii customization becomes a top tier character.

  • Can't wait to customize my Mii! I'm definitely doing fisticuffs!
  • You spelled "dinner" wrong.
  • I like the idea a lot. Customizable Mii characters.

    Im so ready for Smash Brothers.

  • What if there are unlockable special move modifyers? This game is going to consume my life.

  • Wait what? I thought the Wii U edition was slated for "Holiday 2014." That's what was shown in the E3 Nintendo Direct this morning. Did something change between then and now that I missed?
  • I really want to play this game now.

  • WAIT WHAT? DID YOU JUST PUT "EARLY 2015 FOR SMASH BROS FOR WII U"? THAT'S A TYPO RIGHT???? I thought it was a Holiday 2014 game!!! They just said that earlier today!!
  • Customizable Miis and characters is an awesome new feature. Can't wait to try it out! It's good to see Nintendo add some flavor to the classic franchise Super Smash Bros.

  • "Early 2015"... they're just doing it for attention, and being jerks about it.

  • Unless Nintendo makes Bowser's Up + B audio sound like a blender like in Melee, I won't be buying this... I know that's petty, but that's something that really made the game for me

  • This is definitely cool. I wish they were in "With Anyone" mode, it can't be too hard to make all the options equally balanced for online play. Besides, even if something is a little wonky, it's Smash Bros, nobody gets worked up playing Smash Bros.

  • Nintendo is going to jail for murdering E3

  • Not a huge Nintendo fan myself, but I do enjoy the Super Smash Bros series - and I have to ask myself... Why give a moderately interesting feature, then rip it away from half of reason the game is worth playing? I.e., Why give it to the 'With Friends' mode and not the more popular 'With Anyone' mode? That's basically restricting yourself - and it's a feature I can see that many would potentially desire. Or Nintendo can pretend to be the 'hero' and release a patch to allow it...
  • i imagine like 5 months in a whole bunch of miis with the same moves and weapons sets that is the most powerful.
  • Sweet, my mii is going to be Cool!

  • I really wasn't that impressed with the playable Mii characters until I read an article and saw a screenshot that shows that you can customize their outfits, including a Victorian-ish suit and top hat. I don't know why, but I just love that style of dress, so now I know what my Mii is going to look like when I play the game.

    Hip hip, cheerio my good chaps.

  • The official Smash Bros website says the Wii U version is coming during Holiday 2014. And I think the website is up to date because it also says the 3DS version is coming out October 3rd.

  • Morgan Freeman confirmed

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