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Super Smash Bros.

Fire Emblem’s Marth Joins Cast Of Next Super Smash Bros.

Fire Emblem’s original protagonist, Prince Marth, will rejoin the Super Smash Bros. cast when the next versions of the game arrive on Wii U and 3DS. His inclusion was announced on the official Super Smash Bros. webpage.

Marth carries his sword Falchion (which is not actually a falchion) into battle. He first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. You can check out images of him on both versions below. For more information on Super Smash Bros., check out some recent coverage.

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  • Good, my best character confirmed. Ike can die a horrible death with how terrible he was (one of the worst characters in my opinion), Roy was alright so I wouldn't mind him returning. I am REALLLLLY hoping for Lyn and Hector though. They would be such great additions! Other additions I would like are Issac (Golden Sun) and Machoke/Machamp for a new pokemon.
  • They could have made Lucina replace Marth in Smash Bros (which is what I was hoping for) and 1. Added a female to a roster seriously lacking in females and 2. Added a character I actually give a *** about to the roster. But nope Nintendo is going out of there way to show that Smash Bros is pretty much a boys only club. Marth is confirmed and I could not be any more disappointed in the waste of roster space. They even made it so you can play as male wii fit trainer instead of the female one. My money is on them not doing the same for villager and making a female villager because of how incredibly sexist they are. Since I am not liking the direction Smash Bros is going in consider me officially done with this game. While Nintendo fanboys play Smash Bros next year I will be enjoying Blazblue Chrono Phantasma a game with a much better roster and far faster and more polished gameplay. Arc System Works ftw!
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an Ike appearance.

  • GI, my page is broken. I tried to come on here and there was a maintenance screen. Must be a bug as a result of that. I took a screencap of it.
  • now what about the extra pokemon that need to be released! like I don't know, Lucario? that'd be great... I mean come on Nintendo, Just pikachu will get boring fast....
  • Gee, didn't see this one coming. it's the most unexpected thing in gaming since Sephiroth killing Aerit-OH WAIT.

  • Half-suprised, half-not

  • Damn.  I was hoping it would be Lucina.

  • Mod

    Sweet! I enjoyed playing as Marth in Brawl!

  • I was hoping for Chrom or Lucina, but this isn't spoil the fun. I just hope they announce more characters that aren't typically a part of the roster, but are believable for this game. (Megaman compared to the villager and Wii Fit trainer)
  • I like how he looks in the 3DS version actually. The lighting in the Wii U one is very soft, and makes it hard to appreciate the details in Namco's new models. They read as models that are very similar to the Brawl models, which isn't bad since that game was gorgeous already. But the harsher lighting in the 3DS one, coupled with the cel-shaded outline and the painted details (rather than normal maps or whatever), really help the character pop out more. It's glad to see Marth return regardless!

    Though I'd like to see, perhaps, a new Fire Emblem character/unit join the brawl myself. Pegasus Knight, anyone? Or heck, does Nintendo have another RPG franchise who could lend a character? Golden Sun? Magical Starsign? Glory of Heracles? The fantasy characters in Smash, like Marth, Link and Zelda, are some of the best... I just wanna see more new ones :P
  • Maaarth! I'm so glad that Marth will join it. ^^

  • The more the better. Keep'em coming Nintendo.

  • Ugh, was hoping for Chrom or Lucina.
  • Will he speak English this time?!!
  • lol him and peach

  • Not a big surprise, but a welcome one. Marth's swordplay was always a highlight of melee for me. Can't wait for this game to release!!!

  • Go Marth!