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New Smash Bros. Image Zooms In On Wuhu Island

Nintendo continues to trickle out Super Smash Bros. details with its daily screen shots, and today's offers a better look at the previously revealed Wuhu Island.

It's still unclear exactly how this stage will work, but it looks like combat takes place on one or more biplanes, as they fly over Wuhu island, and the Pilotwings stage.

For more revealed Super Smash Bros. stages, head here. Super Smash Bros. is coming to Wii U and 3DS next year.

[Source:Super Smash Bros.]

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  • Haha! Yes! This is seriously a dream come true for me!
  • Mod
    I still want a game where you can just run around that island.
  • I was worried this stage might end up as a simple scenic fly-over, but it looks like they found a way to mix it up a little!

  • PIKACHU!!!!

  • such a beautiful screenshot. I tell you though. I have a love/hate relationship with how they release a screenshot every day. I love it because it gives me another dose of some new Smash Bros. I hate it because I feel like it's teasing me. Constantly showing me a game I REALLY want, but I can't have for over a year. Either way, Smash Bros is on my mind once a day. lol. It really is a genius marketing technique.
  • Mod

    I wonder if they'll be able to do this with the 3DS.

  • I hope they bring back the stage editor.

  • I bet it's like PokeFloats

  • hopefully no one spites me for asking but what is Wuhu Island excatly?
  • So much hype! Nintendo, why must you tease us?!

  • looks like a fun place to fight

  • Aw yeah! The place looks even more gorgeous in HD. Can't wait to fight on it.

  • This must be interesting stage, huh?

  • *Smiles* This is epic.

  • This course looks great! It looks like Nintendo found an effective way of making it work in different perspectives rather than just fighting on platforms and those platforms flying across the island. Why do you have to keep teasing us, Nintendo? We'll have to wait another year for this game! I don't want to wait that long! I want it now! D:

  • i cant wait