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Super Smash Bros.

Luigi Confirmed For Super Smash Bros.

It's no surprise to learn that Luigi will be a fighter in Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS, but it's nice to get confirmation.

Luigi was confirmed as a fighter during today's Nintendo Direct with a series of screen shots. There was no new gameplay footage to speak of, but Nintendo did update the official Super Smash Bros. website with a collection of new Luigi images, which you can check out in the gallery below.

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed that Pilotwings will be making an appearance in the game, as well.

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  • Mod
    Let's hope that he's not just a re-skinned Mario.

    Anyway, mid-summer next year will be one heck of a Nintendo season, a good way to end the drought. Wonder what Sony and Microsoft will be releasing for their new consoles around that time. Interesting, indeed. With the Last of Us' summer success, maybe more publishers will start giving us the goods year-round. I plan on saving up and buying the PS4 later on next year, and it would be nice to get some concrete release info on some of these games.

    Infamous: Second Son will be my lover. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
  • I thought this was the funniest announcement from the Nintendo Direct. Mostly because the social stream on the side was filled with people acting like this was unexpected news, lol still, it is nice to see a confirmation.

  • He was practically confirmed before. I mean, he's Luigi! Hopefully, however, his moveset is changed this time around, at least somewhat. Give him is ghost vacuum (I forget the name)!
  • LOL what was the point in even confirming Luigi? I mean come on it's Luigi!?!
  • Wooooaw ! I would have never guessed !

  • Hahah nice, Nintendo. I want this game SOOO badly.

  • Maybe they can confirm Kirby next... also I hope he uses his Poltergust 3000 in this game.
  • This is newsworthy? Must be one of those dull days I guess.
  • Who else is getting it on 3DS and Wii U
  • In other exciting news Ryu is also confirmed to appear on the next Street Fighter game.
  • Still holding out that Petey Pirahna will be a playable character this time around.
  • What a...shock? We all saw this coming. After all, Weegee is a veteran!

  • This needed confirmation? I always just assumed he'd be there. Anyways, still waiting on Mr. Game and Watch announcement.

  • Yeah, I kind of assumed that because it was called super Smash BROS. not "Mario kills other Nintendo characters besides Yoshi."
  • Oh, that's the guy from that haunted house game.

  • LUIGI!!!!! Getting with the Wii Fit Trainer I see.

  • Is this game seriously just called Super Smash Bros.? Did Nintendo forget to name this one?

  • It would have been shocking if Luigi was NOT in the game. At least this puts some people's worries to rest.

  • These screenshots are worth the pointless announcement. Just look at them, they're so Luigi.

  • ...oh thank heaven.

    I was so worried they were going to announce a new character next. I really hope we get confirmation that Yoshi and Peach are returning when they make the next announcement.


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