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Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo's Brawler Moves To WiiU, 3DS In 2014 (Trailer Added)

Nintendo announced a brand-new Super Smash Bros. title headed to both its Wii U home console and 3DS handheld at its Nintendo Direct presentation this morning. Two challengers enter the ring for the first time in the next Smash Bros., but you can expect more competition to select NES-era Mega Man than Animal Crossing’s Villager.

Nintendo did not elaborate on the relationship between the two versions of the game, though one part of the cinematic trailer it showed had Mario shedding his low-res form to take on his high-def Wii U appearance. This could imply some kind of cross-platform play, but it would be unusual for a company to tease such a feature without coming out and saying it exists if indeed it does.

The Villager from Animal Crossing deployed a number of adorable attacks in the video, bashing rivals with potted plants, chopping trees down, and carving holes in the ground with a shovel.

Mega Man called on the aid of his trusty robot dog Rush, and also summoned the powers of many NES-era Robot Masters in battle. The Mega Buster is front and center in his arsenal, but you can look forward to calling on Metal Blade and much more. The weapons shown include:

  • Metal Blade
  • Crash Bomb
  • Leaf Shield
  • Hard Knuckle
  • Flame Sword
  • Slash Claw
  • Flame Blast

Nintendo also announced that the official site and Miiverse community for Super Smash Bros. is open as of the end of the Nintendo Direct presentation, so you can go chat with fellow enthusiasts there if our comment section below isn’t enough for you.

Super Smash Bros. is set for a 2014 release on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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  • I'm not saying I cried during this, but I'm not denying it either.

    I will buy a Wii U just for this. Anything else that comes along the way is just a bonus.


  • I want this for my 3DS.

  • I came. Mega Man...I can't believe it. This is a dream come true.
  • I think I might be one of the few that thinks Mega Man didn't deserve the spotlight. Nintendo characters are what it's about and I don't care that they branch out I just wish it could've been someone who wasn't mega man
  • It's time for me to get a Wii u!!

  • Of course this will be the biggest must buy for me in the Wii U life cycle.

  • If there is some form of cross play with the new Super Smash Bros. I would love for Nintendo to take the PSVita approach and allow people to download and play it from the 3DS.
  • Excellent!

  • It's really quite fascinating. Smash Bros being developed by Namco-Bandai. Published by Nintendo. Mega Man from Capcom shows up. I wonder if this one will feature more 3rd party characters. I fully expect Bayonetta given that Nintendo is publishing the game.
  • This, Mario Kart 8, 3D World, and X are the only games that'll be buys for me.
  • I don't know which is more exciting. KH3 or this.
  • Glad its not coming out till 2014 looks like my console buy schedule is gonna be This summer= OUYA Fall= PS4 Sometime next year= Wii U
  • Exciting

  • PS4,WiiU,PC master race.

  • I didn't realize at first that the two different art styles were representative of 3DS and Wii U.

    Thanks, terrible streaming video.  That might have been more clear otherwise.


  • Yes! At last after years of waiting the fighting robot Mega Man finally is coming to Smash Bros. ^_^

  • At long last, Mega Man in Smash Bros! I can die happy now  :,)

  • I hope they take a page from the mod developers of "project M" on how they want to make this version of Smash Bros.