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Super Smash Bros.

You Can Use The Stylus To Target Yourself Or Foes

The 3DS’ dual-screen setup and touch-sensitive screen introduce some interesting possibilities for Super Smash Bros. Thanks to game director Masahiro Sakurai, we have a better idea of how they’ll be implemented.

Posting on Nintendo’s Miiverse, Sakurai shows off a highlighting feature that can allow you call out your own character (for easier tracking) or someone on which you’d like to exact revenge. The bottom screen of the 3DS will feature the status for each of the characters. 

When you want to target the most vulnerable player, a quick look at the bottom screen and a tap of the stylus or finger will put you on the right track. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will be out this summer. The Wii U version is slated for late 2014.

For the most recent information download, check out our coverage of characters from the game's most recent Nintendo Direct. You can also read up on the stages, items, and assist trophies that have been revealed. 

[Source: Miiverse]

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  • Sounds like a great way to concentrate on one player and then get blindsided by your other opponents.
  • That's useful. It can definitely get confusing when too much is happening at once. I might use this feature to highlight myself more than anything.
  • Kind of an underwhelming use of the touch screen. But what more can be expected? It's still somewhat useful.

  • Nice, nice. Really want the Wii U version though....
  • ...that's unbelievably pointless. Sounds more distracting than anything else. If you're losing track of your character while playing, you might want to try a cup of coffee or an extra hour of sleep.
  • Yes this is the version I'm getting, crazy excited to play this game on the go anywhere!!!!

  • With the 3DS screen being so small, and the potential on-screen chaos of a Smash Bros match, I'd say this is a very welcome addition. It's possible to lose track of characters in a hectic fight, especially in a really big stage. If this helps avoid that, I'm all for it.

  • Can't wait for this game. Been playing MK8 NONSTOP since I picked it up this morning, and it is simply the best Mario Kart ever made. I can definitely tell that Nintendo has taken extra time to make sure their exclusives are top notch since 3rd party is lacking.

  • Why can't the Wii u version?

  • Kind of a pointless gimmick, but I have to say, the character pictures that display on the bottom screen all look pretty snazzy.

  • But wait, didn't Sakurai say that they were going to crack down on people specifically targeting other players? Doesn't this kind of help people target other players?
  • Ahh man I want this, but I need to get a Wii U for the big brother version.

  • Can't wait to play this game!