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Official Smash Bros. Website Adds Images Of The 3DS Mega Man

Two images of the 3DS version of Mega Man in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. have appeared on the game's official website.

He looks just about the same as he does in the Wii U version of the game, only with the ever-present black outline that comes standard with cel-shading.

Super Smash Bros. is coming to Wii U and 3DS next year, and although their cross-compatibility seems limited, it looks like it will exist in some form. For more on the new Smash Bros. check out this gameplay walkthrough video with the game's director.

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  • Smash bros is why I knew I'd get a WiiU eventually...

  • I really doubt this, but I'm hoping this leads to a full fledged Mega Man game on Nintendo consoles (or other consoles for that matter, Nintendo just suits Mega Man to me anyway lol). Capcom had mentioned they were bringing him back and I really hope this is just the start. I mean what better to spring Wii U sales than to make Mega Man Legends 3 on Wii U? Or an entirely new Mega Man series of some sort.

  • Hopefully they will have MUCH better online this time around. In addition to having inexcusable lag, brawl's online was bare bones more or less...
  • This is so epic and awesome; Three cheers for Mega Man at last.

  • someone buy me a 3ds

  • The Rockman is back in form.

  • Somehow looks shorter...
  • If Mega Man's super turns him into Mega Man X, I'm sold. So many possibilities...I just hope it isn't just a giant Charge Shot.

  • Surprisingly adorable!

  • i need this so bad

  • I am really excited for these games.  Its my favorite series ever

  • He's mega awesome and mega needing to be in this game.

  • It looks good. I think it will be great.