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New Super Smash Bros. Details Explained On Video

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai went on video to give a deeper look at the upcoming four-player fighting game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Sakurai lends some additional insight to the three new fighters in the video below. The Villager from Animal Crossing can pick up just about anything, from Mario’s fireball to Samus’ charged shot, and throw it back at his attacker. He can also dig a hole that immobilizes an enemy that steps in it, setting them up for an otherwise hard to connect with (but highly damaging) bowling ball drop.

Mega Man carries over his Mega Upper shuryuken-like attack from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, and deploys his robotic dog Rush as his air-jump boost. Most of the Robot Master weapons that Mega Man uses work as expected, but the iconic Metal Blade can stick into the ground and be picked up by Mega Man or another fighter for use as a one-off weapon.

According to Sakurai, the Wii Fit Trainer “uses various moves that she thinks will contribute to her health.”

Super Smash Bros. was just unveiled at this year's E3, and comes out on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS next year.

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  • The Villager looks way too OP and the Wii Fit Trainer better be a joke.

  • I'm hoping to see more Playable Fire Emblem characters SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! and use the Marth and Roy versions from Fire Emblem Awakening and of course Ike and a female Fire Emblem character like Lyndis :D!!
  • I hope they adjust solid snake to be a better fighter. Also Nintendo add Marth, Roy and Ike from Fire Emblem. I am definitely getting a Wii U now.
  • Ok.... The fit trainer is kinda dumb. But I'm so stoked for Megaman!!! But as long as it has my boys Link and Roy I will be happy.

  • Well... I guess it's finally time to get a Wii U. =D

  • I hope they add more characters like Rosalina. Wii fit is so random lol.

  • Nintendo characters that REALLY deserve a Smash Bros slot: Midna/Wolf Link from Twilight Princess,MORE POKEMON! More of the KONG family and King K. Rool, WaLuigi, Bowser Jr., more heroes from Fire Emblem,and Little Mac!  

  • I hope Wolf stays in the game, Loved his fighting style.
  • Man I love this series.

  • Man I love this series.

  • Wii Fit Trainer. I love you Japan.

  • I hope ROB and Olimar stay in it.  They were my two main characters in brawl.  they have strong areal attacks and are great at building percentage before using a smash for a kill