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New Super Smash Bros. Details Explained On Video

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai went on video to give a deeper look at the upcoming four-player fighting game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Sakurai lends some additional insight to the three new fighters in the video below. The Villager from Animal Crossing can pick up just about anything, from Mario’s fireball to Samus’ charged shot, and throw it back at his attacker. He can also dig a hole that immobilizes an enemy that steps in it, setting them up for an otherwise hard to connect with (but highly damaging) bowling ball drop.

Mega Man carries over his Mega Upper shuryuken-like attack from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, and deploys his robotic dog Rush as his air-jump boost. Most of the Robot Master weapons that Mega Man uses work as expected, but the iconic Metal Blade can stick into the ground and be picked up by Mega Man or another fighter for use as a one-off weapon.

According to Sakurai, the Wii Fit Trainer “uses various moves that she thinks will contribute to her health.”

Super Smash Bros. was just unveiled at this year's E3, and comes out on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS next year.

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  • i have to keep looking at that character page lol

  • I thought the WFT was odd at first but her move set looks really really cool. So far, for me, the new SSB is looking pretty damn awesome, judging by the little changes we've been shown. And there's more to come! I'm so pumped, I've been missing Smash Bros. like crazy.

  • Might just have to buy a Wii U now.. That and for Bayonetta 2. Though I highly doubt that will stay a Nintendo exclusive for long.

  • It's going to be hard to choose between getting the 3DS or WiiU version first...
  • I love that the handheld version will have handheld game stages, such a good idea. The Spirit Tracks level looks awesome.

    Sooooooo much want. Day One buy for the 3DS version.
  • This looks awesome!

  • 2014! still long.

  • After having recently beaten Mega Man 2 for the first time, I'm even more excited to see Mega Man sharing screen time with the other characters from the NES generation. I'm still hoping they retain Sega and Konami's contributions from last year.

  • Looking good. They skipped over Link, though... did they not make any changes to him?

  • Must Have.

  • This is a thing of beauty.

  • Can't wait to play as Fox again! But why the hell Wii Fit Trainer!? Why not Star Fox Adventures Krystal instead!?

  • Well this just made me want to buy a Wii U.

  • I hope it has a story mode like in Brawl and a lot of new character and stages. Brawl is probably my favorite fighting game and I hope this surpasses it :)

  • Villager looks like a lot of fun and will bring a lot of laughs. Mega Man looks like one of those characters you'll hate unless you're the one playing him. And Wii Fit Trainer...What the hell? Such a weird idea, yet so frickin' awesome.
  • Could you kill someone during your lunch break, Mr. Sakurai?

  • updates 5 times a week just like brawl did back in the day! i can definitely look forward to that treat during my lunch break.

  • GI is so slow...I saw this over 12 hours before they posted this here.
  • So, my only question is how do we play the awesome multiplayer that we all know and love. Only one gamepad. No Gamecube controller hookups. I don't think I knew one person who played Brawl with the Wii Remote instead of a Gamecube controller.
  • Awesome! When I get a Wii U, I will totally get this.