I thoroughly enjoyed the first Scribblenauts game, although my enjoyment was hampered a bit by the stylus controls, and a few other things here and there. It was a great game that allowed you to create and utilize almost anything you could imagine.

The second one is all of that and more. The big changes are the new D-pad controls, which negate any control issues I had in the first one, and the introduction of adjectives. Using adjectives, you can create an infinite combination of objects with different characteristics. These are used to solve a variety of puzzles in creative ways, or just to have fun with in sandbox mode.

I'm a bit disappointed that the game doesn't separate the levels into a "puzzle" section, or an "action" section anymore, but the new galaxy overworld isn't bad in itself. The levels, however, are more fun and innovative than the first one, offering more creative solutions, and replay potential.

The menu system could also be better, using individual profiles only to save level progress, money and avatars, while "merits" (sort of like achievements) are completed for everyone. Completed merits give additional money at the start of a new game however, so it all doesn't go to one player.

The level editor is much simpler this time around, and allows for many different types of levels, such as action levels, playground levels for the title screen, and creative levels, utilizing a machine to create more complex things out of simple parts.

There is still no overarching plot or story, and the levels are with independent objectives. With the amazing formula 5th cell has created, It would be really cool to see it with a large plot, or maybe even an open world sandbox. This isn't a complaint of mine, but really just a hope for future games.

Overall, Super Scribblenauts is an amazing game with an almost limitless potential, incredible creativity, and great replay value.