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Super Meat Boy

An Entrée Worth Consuming

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Super Meat Boy is as bizarre as it sounds. You play as a cube of sentient meat, in love with a young lady made of bandages, who is spirited away by an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tuxedo. Not willing to rest on intrigue alone, Super Meat Boy is a comprehensiveve and punishing platformer developed with masochists in mind.

A simple set of moves (run, leap, and wall jump) are counterbalanced by levels that increase in difficulty at an alarming rate. Spinning saw blades, pits of fire, and pools of dirty syringes all equate to instant death with the slightest touch. Thank goodness for quick load times and short levels, because death will greet you frequently. Chances are you’ll be off on another run-through while eviscerated pieces of your former self rain down from above. As if to rub salt in the wound, completing a level triggers an instant replay of all your attempts simultaneously. In harder levels this can result in dozens upon dozens of Meat Boys trekking though the level at once, with only one making it to the finish line. 

Each level requires a steady hand and impeccable sense of timing to string together combos, with most levels lasting fewer than 30 seconds when finally perfected. Over 200 levels are promised, and meeting a predetermined time “par” will open a DarkWorld version that is somehow even more punishing than the original. Like a glass slipper left behind by his princess, you can also collect precariously placed bandages in each level, further proving Meat Boy’s platforming prowess. 

If you are a fan of old school charm and can handle a borderline infuriating challenge, Super Meat Boy is an definitely entrée worth consuming.

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Platform: WiiWare, Steam, Retail (PC/MAC) Release: Mid 2010 Price: TBA Website: Link

  • I love this type of games. Looks a lot of fun.

  • It does look ridiculously hard, and while I don't generally have fun dying every other second, i'll be giving this a try.

  • WOW!  That looks tough.  And cool.  And fun.  Nice retro feel, from the music to "Insert Coin."

  • this game looks hard

  • This game looks like it is rather amusing.

  • the controls are very slippery

  • They even gave it the original Street Fighter 2 intro. That was hilarious.

  • idk if its the actual game design i think sounds awesome or the fact the character is a square meatwad(ATHF), but i really want to check this game out.

  • There are also a lot of unlockable characters from other indie games that will be in SMB ( tim from braid, commander video from bit.trip, blue castle crasher, alien hominid, etc.) and there is a flash game just called Meat Boy on newgrounds.

  • I think my brother would love this. He is all retro, and another punishing game to prove his awesomeness is exactly what he wants. Please bring to PSN.

  • This game already made a customer out of me. I'm looking forward to this.

  • Uhhhhhhhhh

  • I'll definitely be giving this a try, but probably not a buy. It just doesn't look like something I would enjoy for more than a few minutes.