As the title states, this game can be extremely frustrating. Patience and experience is definitely a key component to the completion of this game. Fortunately, there are several things that make this game worth your while.

Setting - In this puzzle/platformer you play as the protagonist Meat Boy. After the evil (and hilarious) Dr. Fetus beats you up and kidnaps your loving girlfriend, Bandage Girl,  you are on set on an epic quest to get her back.

1) Sound - Super Meat Boy has one of the best original soundtracks of any game that I have ever played. As you spend countless hours dying and restarting the level all over, at least you have top notch music to jam to.

2) Gameplay - As I mentioned above, once you die (and you will often) you immediately start over in a seamless fashion. This game is very tough at times and provides you with a worthy challenge. Upon completing a level, you are left with a feeling of accomplishment that will be stripped away from you on the very next level. But don't worry! Practice makes perfect and you will enjoy this experience.

3) Controls - The controls are very tight, simple, and well designed as stated in GI's review. Once you fail you will know that it was by your own doing and not some gimmicky control issue. With that said, you will curse at your TV and blame Meat Boy on several occasions for being such a [(blank)] *expletive*.


This game is chock-full of secrets and unlockables, some of which are extremely difficult (almost impossible) to obtain, so keep an eye out and collect those bandages!

This game has been out for a while now, and I know my review is a bit late. But if you haven't played it already and happen to stumble across this review, I strongly recommend you play it! This is one of my favorite games and it'll never get old.