Super Meat Boy is an incredible game. The first few levels introduce the controls but by the 5th or 6th level you will be frustrated. SMB is the most difficult game I have ever played, if you thought the New Super Mario Bros. game for the wii was hard then Super Meat Boy will be near impossible to beat. Even through I died over 2000 times I never wanted to give up, the controls are perfect, the graphics are easy to look at and the music is amazing. These are the 3 reasons I never gave up. Even after beating the game you still have the Dark Worlds and a ton of unlock-ables. Once you beat all of that, come the middle of January there will be a free level editor to download so you will never run out of levels. Simply put SMB is the best 2-D platforming game I have ever played. that means it is even better than Super Mario Bros. 3 and prior to this game it was the best game of the 2-D era in my opinion. GO BUY SUPER MEAT BOY!