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  • Blog Post: Multiplayer Mania Enters The Third Dimension

    Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad go for a night stroll on the castle grounds to catch some fireworks. Out of nowhere, a clear pipe busts out of the ground and a small fairy creature pleads for them to rescue her friends. Bowser pops out of the pipe, grabs her, and leaves with the team in hot pursuit. After... More
  • Blog Post: 10 New Things From Super Mario 3D World Video Reveals Fifth Playable Character

    We know Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are all playable in Super Mario 3D World, but a new video today reveals that Super Mario Galaxy's Rosalina will also be a playable character. The video also showcases other new facts and modes about the game. Some are expected, like the use of the Wii U's... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Shows Off More Super Mario 3D World Gameplay

    The latest Nintendo Minute video spends more time in Super Mario 3D World on Wii U. The video covers the game's first stage and gives us a glimpse at how it looks with four cooperative players. The highly publicized cat costumes make an appearance as well as the Mega Mushroom. For more on Super Mario... More
  • Blog Post: Latest Trailer Shows Off New Powers And Cat Goomba

    Super Mario 3D World is only a month away from its release. To get fans excited (and introduce even more people to the title), Nintendo has put together an extensive trailer featuring all of the new powers. The video demonstrates the costumes, helmet-like boxes, and some of the objects that Mario, Luigi... More
  • Blog Post: Some Hot New Screens

    As it turns out, Mario and the gang look great in HD. This batch of screens also gives us a better look at the new cat suit. Also, I know Nintendo is saying it's a cat "transformation" not a cat suit but I don't care. Other than that, the game is looking fantastic. More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Offers Nearly 10 Minutes Of Super Mario 3D World Gameplay

    Nintendo has released a video showcasing nearly 10 minutes of uninterrupted Super Mario 3D World gameplay. The video is guided by Nintendo's Krysta and Kit as they show off some of the uses of the double cherry, and never-before-seen levels. The video also shows off the crown, which is worn by the... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D World Will Have Players Seeing Double

    Mario and friends have a few new tricks up their sleeves, and they're going to need them. Nintendo revealed new information about Super Mario 3D World, including a new cherry powerup, and loads more. We spied a ton of new gimmicks, enemies, and other tidbits during a gameplay video shown during Nintendo's... More
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