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  • Blog Post: Multiplayer Mania Enters The Third Dimension

    Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad go for a night stroll on the castle grounds to catch some fireworks. Out of nowhere, a clear pipe busts out of the ground and a small fairy creature pleads for them to rescue her friends. Bowser pops out of the pipe, grabs her, and leaves with the team in hot pursuit. After... More
  • Blog Post: Some Hot New Screens

    As it turns out, Mario and the gang look great in HD. This batch of screens also gives us a better look at the new cat suit. Also, I know Nintendo is saying it's a cat "transformation" not a cat suit but I don't care. Other than that, the game is looking fantastic. More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D World Will Have Players Seeing Double

    Mario and friends have a few new tricks up their sleeves, and they're going to need them. Nintendo revealed new information about Super Mario 3D World, including a new cherry powerup, and loads more. We spied a ton of new gimmicks, enemies, and other tidbits during a gameplay video shown during Nintendo's... More
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