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Super Mario 3D World

Latest Trailer Shows Off New Powers And Cat Goomba

Super Mario 3D World is only a month away from its release. To get fans excited (and introduce even more people to the title), Nintendo has put together an extensive trailer featuring all of the new powers.

The video demonstrates the costumes, helmet-like boxes, and some of the objects that Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach can use. The title will also feature hidden stamps that can be used in Miiverse posts.

You can check out the video below. We also have a preview from E3.


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  • Sigh......New Wii U games please!!
  • Oooh...a Mario 2 callback? Playing as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach? Sweet.
  • A few minutes and I'm already sold, this just looks like such a blast.  

  • Of course everything BUT online play... dammit Nintendo, why you got to screw up so much? -_- I know you guys are capable of this, to. Mario Kart and Smash will have online play. There isn't an excuse anymore.

    Not everyone still lives with their family, or by all their friends.

  • DANG! This game looks like so much fun. I am totally getting this.
  • My God this game is amazing with every trailer. I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS.

  • Mod
    Like a lot of people, I didn't give a crap about this game when it was first announced, as I was wanting a game similar to Mario 64 or Sunshine.

    After the last few trailers though, I'm on board, and in a big way. Seeing the special abilities from Mario 2(which never gets enough respect) make a come back got me pretty hyped. And I know people will say "this looks good for a Nintendo game", but screw that. This game looks absolutely gorgeous.
  • So...if I wasn't convinced before, this trailer just convinced me. I need this game.

  • The game looks fantastic. Just wish the speaker wasn't talking to me like I was 4yrs old....
  • This game is gonna be awesome :)

  • Why is it that the NEW super mario bros. games never have new stuff, but this one has a metric ton of fun looking new and creative looking enemies, powerups, and level designs? I thought this looked like a horrible cash grab at E3, but now that they've shown off all this new stuff, I'm definitely excited for it.
  • This looks like the freshest Mario game since the original Galaxy. Color me impressed Nintendo.
  • I like how the boomerang is a lot faster in this one.

  • This trailer might be even better than the last one! The only thing this game seems to be missing is Yoshi. I really need to find a way to play this game. it looks fantastic.

  • Mod

    This game looks amazing! Definitely a game I will get when I can get a Wii U.

  • Simply STUNNING !

  • This game looks really good!  MP in 3D with all the characters from SMB2 seems like a really good angle, and the game looks gorgeous.  Probably the most visually appealing game I've seen advertised yet for the holidays; all that color is refreshing in the sea of grey/black/brown shooters.

  • The script for this trailer reads like a grade school report.

  • When they first announced the game at E3, I was upset because it wasn't a star-collect-a-thon like most 3d Mario games. However, and I see more of the game, the more I'm getting excited.

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