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Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo Offers Nearly 10 Minutes Of Super Mario 3D World Gameplay

Nintendo has released a video showcasing nearly 10 minutes of uninterrupted Super Mario 3D World gameplay.

The video is guided by Nintendo's Krysta and Kit as they show off some of the uses of the double cherry, and never-before-seen levels. The video also shows off the crown, which is worn by the player who is able to achieve the most points during co-op play.

Super Mario 3D World is coming to Wii U on November 22. For more on the game, check out the latest trailer from Nintendo's recent direct conference.

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  • I can't wait to play this, I loved 3D Land. One of my favorite mario games.

  • It looks like Mario, plays like Mario. It'll sell well and be adequately fun. I'm not a fan of the time limits though. Would've liked a more Mario 64 feel.
  • Wait, they call it a Nintendo Minute, but they sit there and showcase 10 minutes of gameplay? Oh well, I'm not complaining. Can't wait for this game!!!
  • Awesome blossom!...possum...

  • I can't believe they called this "nearly" 10 minutes of gameplay, it was only eight minutes, eight minutes! I'm offended.
  • It's more like watching 2 people play Mario from a distance that keeps you from seeing the detail of the levels. Why not zoom in on the actual GAME???

  • The game looks great, but the video not so much.

  • Dude, she kicked your butt.XD

    I'm really looking forward to playing this.

    It looks fun even as a solo adventure.

  • Franchise, after franchise, after franchise. What will Nintendo do when their core gaming community grows up and die of old age? I am not sure why they do not reach out to gamers outside of their fanboys?
  • haha! dang funny!

  • This video seems pretty bad for some reason. I was more interested the first time I saw this game which was like e3 or so. It looked fun but this video makes me think otherwise

  • I am totally buying this game on day one.

  • Can't wait to see this game in action.

  • ya,know when nintendo announced this game at E3 my initial thought was "well that's a thing." but after that trailer they released I think this game looks awesome. My only question is why didn't Nintendo use that trailer at E3 it would have really upped excitement for the game.

  • This game looks so cool.  I never thought I'd be a parent and still excited for a Mario game.

  • Yep Yep! Pure awsomeness.

  • I wants it... I NEEDS IT!!!

  • OK-after a minute the guy says he's using a Wii U Pro controller.  Looks like we won't be stuck using a Wii-mote for 2-4 players!!  Hooray!!  Good decision, Nintendo!!