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  • Blog Post: Another Great Mario Game

    This is a great game for the 3DS. The 3D really makes a difference because in 2D, a block could look like you could walk on it, and your find out in 3D that it is actually more forward than you though, and you just fell down a pit. My favorite part about this game is the return of the Tanooki suit, and... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D Land - whatever isn't brilliant is unnecessary

    When the Nintendo DS was released, Nintendo completely revamped Super Mario 64 and released it as a launch title for the system. While the original is a classic that redefined the concept of a platformer, the DS version managed to be deeper and more beautiful - but the lack of an analog stick somewhat... More
  • Blog Post: Mario platforming at it's finest

    Mario's back in a brand new 3D adventure, but can it live up to it's history of greatness? Read on to find out! Super Mario 3D Land, the newest release in the Mario series, stands as one of the best of Mario's handheld entries and maybe even one of the best Mario games ever. As usual, the... More
  • Blog Post: Mario successfully leaps into 3D

    Well, here's my first attempt at a review. Hope you enjoy. Finally, a game Nintendo didn't remake! As a 3DS owner that's been waiting months for an all original Nintendo title, I can say I was extremely excited to get my hands on this, after all, Nintendo kept me waiting all year. Story:... More
  • Blog Post: Mario and Luigi clash against Bowser in crazy awesome ways all in glorious 3D

    Mario is loved by many at Nintendo and it was pretty much inevitable that this game was going to happen. Its awesome and has so much cool things going on. Its well worth the money and its a great platformer. It has some extra content after you beat the game like Luigi appears and new worlds. The game... More
  • Blog Post: Classic Platforming Fun Meets Modern Elements

    Are you still having trouble deciding whether or not you should get a 3DS? Do you want a Mario platformer? Did you like Super Mario Galaxy 2? If you answered yes to these question (or at least the second one) then Super Mario 3D Land is the game you should get. It is Mario platforming at it's finest... More
  • Blog Post: One of the First New 3DS Classics

    Overview : Alright well the game has been out for a couple of weeks maybe into a month now (when this was written). I have almost beaten the entire game I'm through a good amount of world 8 and I've almost stared every level! And now that we have my transcript out of the way! Gameplay : If you... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D Land Gives 3DS Owners Hope for a Brighter Future

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have received our first truly good reason to own a 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land offers the type of experience you've probably come to expect from a Mario game. Precise platforming, fun power-ups, challenging extra stages, and collectibles are all accounted for. The platforming... More
  • Blog Post: A Game For Mario Fans And 3DS Owners To Rejoice

    As with most of the 3DS games that have launched since the release of the system in March, none of them have really felt like a complete game. Yes, there was Star Fox 64 and Ocarina of Time coming straight from Nintendo, but the big thing is the fact that this is Nintendo's first major title for... More
  • Blog Post: It's-A-me! Finally!!

    Many 3DS owners have been patiently waiting for the better titles to start arriving, and although Zelda OoT 3D and Star Fox 64 3D have worked to at least quiet their cravings, the fact is that many aren't content with two remakes, and being a 3DS owner myself, I don't blame them. We were promised... More
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