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  • Blog Post: Is it any good.

    So, to start off. I'm doing this review in sections. Enjoy! Story The story is the same as always, which is fine by me. I love the story even for it's flaws. Game-play The game-play is smooth and extremely fun. It definitely uses the circle pad to it's fullest, and has many moves from Mario's... More
  • Blog Post: One of the First New 3DS Classics

    Overview : Alright well the game has been out for a couple of weeks maybe into a month now (when this was written). I have almost beaten the entire game I'm through a good amount of world 8 and I've almost stared every level! And now that we have my transcript out of the way! Gameplay : If you... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D Land Review

    I have been excited for this game ever since it was announced at E3. Crisp and polished graphics, classic and modern level design, and the return of the Tanooki Suit, as well as the new boomerang suit. Let's take a look at why Super Mario 3D Land is going to be a bestseller (it is, just wait). The... More
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